Annual YFGG Back to School Drive

In 2017, Youth for Greater Good pioneered the very first back to school drive within the South Sudanese community. Giving away free back packs to all age groups equipped with school supplies to last them throughout the school year is what makes us different and encourages our community to keep coming back. 

Fast forward to YFGG Back to School Drive 2020 we expanded our services to provide to our Omaha community at large during the COVID pandemic. Having given away over 800 backpacks in our short time, we look forward to serving for years to come! 


OmaROSS Weekend

OmaROSS is a tagline that was created by the South Sudanese community in 2014 to represent the Republic of South Sudan (ROSS) in Omaha NE. It now has become an annual weekend event hosted by 5 South Sudanese organizations (ROSS Leaders, Visions 2 Reality, GMoney I Am, So Elite, YFGG) across state lines to highlight and showcase South Sudanese excellence from sports through basketball clinics and tournaments, to culture, where YFGG hosted a culture night highlighting South Sudanese art, fashion, and dancing, and lastly  workshops to educate the youth.



YFGG After-School Program

Our program operates on a weekly basis providing transportation and hot meals for our youth. We've strategically created this after-school program to meet the unique needs of our community and their families. We are always accepting new members and volunteers for our after-school program.

College Support Program

As our program continues to grow we find new ways to serve our youth. As we saw the first round of graduates among our YFGG Program, our college support program was created. Incorporating activities YFGG was already been doing such as college prep, college visits, and scholarship assistance. We've now added mentoring and study sessions for our college students. Our program aims to provides empowerment and support when needed. 


The YFGG dance team creates a creative outlet for youth to learn art, fashion, music, and traditional dancing! Along with that, our youth have the opportunity to practice teamwork, time-management and leadership. We are available for bookings just contact:

YFGG Dance Team


Providing a safe, productive, environment for youth to grow is an important aspect of our programming. We value mentoring and incorporate it through our monthly field trips, summer program, and artistic activities.