Academic Support

One of the reasons the YFGG After-School Program was founded was to make sure more refugee students have the opportunity to achieve their educational goals. To have parents that do not understand the educational system of America and working long hours and many days due to the first generation refugee being limited in employment options the youth we serve are already at a disadvantage. Add in language and cultural barriers and these students who possess so much potential are now limited. YFGG after-school program is here to serve as an added support for our youth and their families on this complex educational journey. 

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"


Past Member

"What I loved about YFGG was being around my community. I made so many new friends, people that wanted better for themselves. We could talk about our future and goals, it was really cool. I'm still friends with people I met at YFGG."