Bridging the Gap - Empowering the youth - Building the future 


Youth for Greater Good (YFGG), is a 501(c)3 non-profit youth organization founded in 2016 in Omaha, NE. Our mission is to shape the future of South Sudanese youth through academic support, mentoring and cultural awareness.  Through our free strategic culturally driven yearly programs we seek to uplift and empower future young leaders within the African diaspora.  YFGG aims to bridge the gaps, empower the youth, and build the future! Our vision is to create a safe productive environment for youth from refuge and immigrant backgrounds to participate in much needed programs and services while being among their peers and leaders that look like them. We value Community, leadership, cultural identity, and creativity. Everyone is valuable to the greater good of our communities and societies and together we can build a brighter future!


Where future leaders are shaped today.


Bridging the Gap

The South Sudanese community in Omaha is the largest in America and called Omaha home for over two decades. There are generational gaps among cultural, educational and economic barriers that hinder the community and youth till this day. Here at YFGG we seek to bridge the gaps and execute this through monthly youth field trips/activities, serving as a community liaison, and community outreach and events hosted in collaboration with various organizations, businesses, and community leaders.


Empowering the youth

Unfortunately the second generation South Sudanese youth carry on the refugee struggles that the first generation dealt with. Lack of advocacy, language and cultural barriers, and lack of identity all play a part in this continued predicament. YFGG aspires to empower the youth by installing cultural identity, providing a sense of community, and mentoring.


Building the future

Through dialogues & community engagement the voices of the community we serve has always been and continues to be a significant contribution to our foundation. Our programming and events all take into consideration the unique circumstances and the goals of our community. Together we are building the future, creating leaders, and ultimately a foundation for longevity.


"Change where it matters, within the lives of youth" 

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